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LipSense Lipstick
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Lipsense Instructions Join Leanne's team today! by Senegence lasts for hours without drying your lips! Smear proof, smudge proof, won't feather and bleed. And YOU ca...

   SeneGence LipSense Sale

First time users 
need these 3 items.
(color, gloss, remover )

First time customers need this!

Buy individual tubes of Lipsense Lipstick and Gloss 

What is 
Christina Aguilera's favorite red LipSense lipstick?

Blu Red 

Made in the USA

Lipsense lipstick lasts between 4 -10 hours. 

Lipsense does NOT dry out your lips but moisturizes 
with Vitamin E and shea butter.

Lipsense won't feather or bleed into fine lines.

SeneGence Lipsense is kissproof and smear-proof. 

LipSense is Gluten free lipstick.  Certified Kosher lipstick.

LipSense contains NO lead. 

There is NO animal testing on SeneGence Lipsense.

AND NOW.....


Waterproof Makeup!  

Lipsense by SeneGence was only the beginning! 
See the full line of


Hi, I'm Leanne Avant (on the right) and I've turned a love for Lipsense into a career.  I have been a Senegence Lipsense Distributor since 2000 and continue to travel and share Lipsense lipstick with ladies across the USA at various women's shows.

You can share Lipsense with your friends and family in your home town, salon, boutique or from your home.  

For just $50 you can become a Senegence distributor/wholesale buyer.

There is no wax  in LipSense lipstick 
so it doesn''t smudge or smear. 
There is no moisture in the color itself. 
That's why it adheres so well without smearing. 
LipSense gloss is made with Shea Butter and Vitamin E 
to penetrate the color and deep condition your lips.
Use LipSense Gloss repeatedly to set the color and your lips will become softer while using this shea butter and Vitamin E mixture. 

The word Sengence is actually a combination of two words.
1. senescence - the process of aging
2. intelligence

Take the first half of the first word "sene" and use the second half of the second word, "gence" to get SeneGence

Leanne Avant 
Founding SeneGence Independent Distributor #10854
Tallahassee Florida USA
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